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Drummondville is located at the junction of the St-Laurent plains and at the beginning of the Eastern Townships. The city nests in an ideal position to Montreal, Quebec, Trois-Rivières, and Sherbrooke; Drummondville has become one of the gathering cities par excellence in the province because of this strategic location.
For a long time, Drummondville has been an industry-oriented city and it is still well-known for this today. More than 488 manufactures contribute to the economic growth of the city with its
46 000 inhabitants (87 000 for the entire MRC Drummond).

Mostly centered around business at the start, tourism has continued to develop around this economic domain. Over the years, many attractions and events have appeared and many of these are closely linked to culture and Quebecois traditions. Welcome to Drummondville, “Capital of Expression and Traditions”

In the Centre-du-Québec region lies a historical village where the past and its way of life lives in the present day, a place to "reminisce". The Village Québécois d’Antan brings the 1810-1910 years back to life again, for the 26th year. All summer long, artisans dressed in period costumes take up the trades necessary to survive in an 19th century agricultural community while using tools of the day,. (wool spinning, leather/metal work, candle and soap making, etc…)

The Légendes Fantastiques offers a unique experience. This grand scale show will bring you to the heart of Quebecois tales and will introduce you to such characters as the "Bohomme Sept Heures" (the Sandman), the "Dame Blanche", and other will-o’-the-wisps. The Légendes Fantastques takes you to many magical worlds which are constantly changing under your eyes. Breathtaking special effects, lively music and projections on a water screen accompany the 150 performers, acrobats, dancers, singers, musicians, and stuntmen on stage. 275 000 spectators have already acclaimed this chef-d’œuvre presented only in Drummondville.

Bicycle enthusiasts cannot stop praising the quality of the cycling paths in the Drummondville area.  The Circuit des traditions is the major cycling circuit in the area developed by the Réseaux Plein Air Drummond.  The 55 km marked section “Route Verte #4” between Wickham, Saint-Nicéphore, Drummondville, Saint-Majorique, Saint-Bonaventure, and Sainte-Pie-de-Guire represents the main element of the circuit.  This route can access the two neighboring MRCs: Nicolet-Yamaska and Acton.   The 70 km of trails that go through the different municipalities allow cyclists to admire the St-François River, discover country landscapes, and learn about the history and architecture of the area.

Les amateurs d'art sont conviés au plus grand rassemblement artistique au Centre-du-Québec : le Symposium des arts de Drummondville.  Récipiendaire d'un Napoléon "Arts et culture" pour l'année 2002-2003, remis par la Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Drummond, cet événement incontournable accueillera de nouveau plus de 100 artistes venus des 4 coins de la province. Peintres, sculpteurs, céramistes se donnent donc rendez-vous sur les deux sites officiels, soit dans le mail central des  Promenades Drummondville et au Centre culturel. Vernissages, expositions permanentes, concerts, intermèdes musicaux, rencontres avec des peintres de grand calibre, tels que Tex Lecor, Jean-Louis Courteau, Marie-Claude Demers, Luc LeClerc, bref tout y est pour combler tant les néophytes que les fins connaisseurs durant  4 jours de pur bonheur.

Sports, relaxation and entertainment await you in the Centre-du-Québec region!

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